The Types of Loans that You Can Avail From Credit Excel Capital

Credit Excel Capital is a renowned personal loan provider is Singapore. It has been providing reliable service to the people in Singapore for close to seven years now. They have made a good name for themselves in the market because they value their customers dearly and do not make their customers go through a long and a tedious process to get their loans approved. Moreover they also offer flexible loan repayment options to its customers. This makes Credit Excel Capital one of the best licensed money lenders sg.

The following are the four types of loans provided by them:

Personal Cash Loan

There are times when people need money to pay off other loans or bills. It is for this purpose that this company provides this kind of loan. Many a times there has been instances where we have learnt that borrowing money from friends or family member can be complicated. So it is best to avoid such complications and apply for this kind of loans as the rates of interest in this is not too high.

Quick Foreigner Loan

Singapore has thousands of tourists visiting every month. These tourists are kind of helpless when they are here and are facing financial difficulties. Getting a loan for them is not an option because of the legal hassles. This problem is dealt with well by licensed money lenders sg Credit Excel Capital. They not only provide easy loans to foreigners but also do it within the boundaries of the law.

Fast Payday Loan

Many a time people who have a fixed income and a fixed payday face a difficulty to pay off the bills which have their due dates before their payday. People with a fixed income also can be quite helpless in emergency situations just before their payday as they do not have much cash in hand. For people like these this kind of loan is provided. The rates of interests are marginal and the loan can be repaid under different kind of schemes favorable to the customer.

SME Business Loan

Even the biggest of business houses require funds from time to time for purposes like business expansion or business renovation. Easy loans are provided to businessmen in Singapore for this purpose. It is particularly helpful to them because the process is short and the loan is disbursed quicker than the more orthodox banks.